Global Telecommunications Company, Nationwide Recruitment (33 Positions)

Global Telecommunications Company, Nationwide Recruitment (33 Positions) see how to apply below.
Company description --Phillips Outsourcing Services Nigeria Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Phillips Consulting Limited. The Firm was incorporated July, 2007 to provide adequate and effective solutions to our esteemed clients. Phillips Consulting Limited is recruiting for their client , a global telecommunications company which is seeking highly skilled professionals to fill in vacancies within its organisation in many countries. Positions listed below are renewable three-month contract positions.
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  1. SI Customer Project Manager
  2. SI Solution Architect
  3. Solution Integrator
  4. MS Customer Project Manager
  5. MS Technician
  6. MS Field Technician
  7. MS  Engineer
  8. Support Engineer, ELS
  9. Core Network Design Consultant – Packet Switched
  10. Core Network Performance Improvement Consultant  Packet Switched
  11. Core Network Design Consultant – Circuit Switched
  12. Core Network Performance Improvement Consultant – Circuit Switched
  13. Radio Network Performance Improvement Consultant
  14. Radio Network Design Consultant
  15. Transport Network Design Consultant
  16. Instructor
  17. NRO Customer Project Manager
  18. ASP Installation Manager
  19. Advanced Engineer
  20. Civil Works Manager
  21. Civil Works Technician
  22. Civil Works Engineer
  23. Site Acquisition Manager
  24. Site Acquisition Technician
  25. Site Acquisition Engineer
  26. Integration Engineer
  27. Configuration Engineer
  28. Power Technician
  29. BSS 2nd Line Support
  30. Field Maintenance
  31. Installation Technician
  32. Rigger
  33. Site Supervisors

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